How the locals like it

Carl Wright,
Mandurah Boat & Bike Hire

My wife and I have lived in many parts of WA but we are so glad we’re now settled in Mandurah. The locals have been so welcoming, helped a lot by the fact we always have our friendly dog Pippa with us. In fact, many people we meet on our walks now carry treats just for Pippa!

Carl Wright, Mandurah Boat & Bike Hire

To us Mandurah is the perfect sized city. My favourite thing would have to be the waterways which are comparable to anywhere in the world.

Apart from being so beautiful, the varied water attractions around Mandurah, from the ocean to the estuary and the canals, means you can get out and enjoy them any time of the year. Too windy on the coast? Enjoy a leisurely kayak on the calm estuary.

We purchased Mandurah Boat & Bike Hire at the beginning of 2015 and moved here shortly after.  When we purchased the business we had 13 boats; we now have 26. Around 50 per cent of our clients are international visitors, 30 per cent from interstate and 20 percent from within Western Australia. Without doubt, the one thing they all comment on is Mandurah’s friendly dolphins and the beautiful water.

Our cycle hire is a popular part of our business with some beautiful cycle paths such as the Dawesville coast track and the ride from Mandjar Bay all the way to Safety Bay.

Closer to town, I really love the fact you have so many great restaurants, bars and cafes to socialise at, as well as the marina and the foreshore all within easy walking distance.

Mandurah is a perfect day trip destination from Perth but spending a few days here is just awesome. There is so much to do; go for a cycle, head out on the water in a boat or kayak, grab some lunch from a great range of restaurants and take in all the sights and sounds. Mandurah is far enough away to make you really feel like you’re having a break, but close enough to make it easy.

Carl’s favourite spot – Boundary Island

We’re able to beach the boat, take Pippa for a swim and throw the ball for her. Then we end the day with a spot of crabbing in the estuary just a hop, skip and a jump away.

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