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Felicity Evans,
Flics Kitchen

The thing I hear most from visitors is just how beautiful Mandurah is and I couldn’t agree more. It struck me when I returned home all those years ago and still does every time I go away.

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My family moved to Mandurah when I was 10. As long as I can remember I wanted to be a chef so, at the age of 16, I moved to Perth to start my apprenticeship. Once I’d qualified, I started on a path a lot of chefs follow and moved first to Melbourne, then Sydney followed by various other locations in Australia and overseas.

While that experience was fantastic and I learnt a lot, I think for most people there’s a time to come home and 13 years ago I came back to Mandurah. and bought a house.

The professional dream was always to own my own restaurant and four years ago I achieved that with the opening of Flics Kitchen on Mandurah Terrace. It’s been successful from the beginning and I’m extremely grateful for the overwhelming and continuous support from the local community from day one.

I think people were ready and looking for something different in the local food scene. Our farm-to-plate philosophy allows us to support and celebrate small local producers and farmers. If you enjoy food that is unique and different, you’ll love our modern menu which is continually evolving and changing.

We boast a diverse range of events throughout the year. Our most popular are Dinner in the Dark, Vegan and Truffle Degustations and our Native Dinner Series which showcases West Australian Indigenous produce hosted by a local cultural ambassador. New Year’s Eve we transform the restaurant into your childhood fantasy with themed events like Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka.

I’ve seen a lot of changes in Mandurah since first arriving here at age 10. The foreshore development is a stand out but the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre and Mandjar Bay Boardwalk, and Mandurah Forum are fantastic additions too.

I think my favourite change though, in more recent times, is the number of events and festivals that have popped up, particularly around the foreshore and the end of the terrace. They’re really exciting and fun and showcase all of the great hospitality offerings available in town.

I don’t get a lot of time out of the kitchen but when I do have some down time, I don’t think you can beat a walk with the dog on one of Mandurah’s beautiful beaches, a few vinos at Bar Therapy or a meal with friends at Silk Thai.

Flic’s favourite events to be involved in:

  • Running the Cabin Bar at Winter Wonderland
  • Top of the Terrace
  • Laneway Festival
  • Food stalls and bar at Crab Fest

how the
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