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How the locals like it

Find out how
the Mandurah
locals like it

Want more inspiration? Check out the stories from our locals and find out about their favourite experiences, secret spots and best tips on things to do in Mandurah and surrounds.

Guy Jeffreys – Head Chef,
Millbrook Winery & Restaurant

One of the things that makes Jarrahdale unique is that it experiences four true seasons. We have proper, cold winters, hot summers and true spring and autumn conditions. This means we can grow a nice variety of fruit and vegetables in the Millbrook Restaurant garden, giving us a diverse arsenal to work with.

George Walley,
Mandjoogoordap Dreaming

Bindjareb Noongar people have lived in this area for thousands of years. The footprint of cultural knowledge allows visitors to experience a number of tours and learn something amazing through my cultural knowledge.

Purri Gould – Owner Groundswell,
Drivethru Coffee

I lived around Mandurah as a teenager and the coastal, surfing lifestyle really became a part of who I am. I don’t think that’s anything that will ever change.

Damien Bell,
Bellbuoy Seafoods

I’ve always had a love for fishing. I love the ocean, I love boats and I love being outdoors. I have lots of energy and can’t keep still. I’m an aquaculturist by trade but always wanted to be a commercial fisherman.

Krista Nicholson,
Mandurah Dolphin Research Project

I am a PhD student at Murdoch University in Perth but spend a lot of time studying the dolphins in the Peel Inlet-Harvey Estuary and adjacent coastal waters and I absolutely love it.

Emma Blyth,

My parents opted for a sea change when I was four. Dad liked the surf and fishing so they chose Mandurah as a great place to raise their family.

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