20+ incredible experiences to try close to Perth

If you’re searching for a quick getaway that won’t eat up more than a day or weekend, Mandurah is the perfect destination for a staycation or to simply embrace the sunshine, with some of the best things to do close to Perth.

Here are our top 20 experiences loved by locals and wanderers alike.

Relaxed by nature experiences

Are you infatuated by nature’s beauty and have a keen sense of adventure? Then get ready to seek all things beautiful, with untouched places you can explore away from any crowds.

There’s a lot to do around Mandurah’s vast waterways and surrounding national parks, reserves and forests. Be inspired by these great activities and immerse yourself in nature, where you’ll discover a lot more than you bargained for. 

Meet the popular local inhabitants on a day of dolphin spotting. With over 120 dolphins calling our estuary home, they’re considered one of the healthiest dolphin populations in Australia. And there’s plenty of ways to seek them out on the water. You can hire a boatkayak, or paddleboard or take a cruise. Enjoy lunch on the boardwalk or a picnic on the Eastern Foreshore and you might be lucky enough to see some frolicking in the water.

Mandurah Dolphin

For the ultimate experience, spend an evening stargazing at the Lake Clifton Thrombolites. Rated by RACDestination Perth, and Blogger as one of WA’s top stargazing sites, this is one insta-worthy spot you don’t want to miss snapping. You’ll be in good company with Sebastian from Salt and Eco Bush Tours, who will take you on a star-studded tour of the night sky. His wealth of knowledge has earned him a highly regarded Forum Advocating Cultural and Eco-Tourism (FACET) Golden Guide nomination.

The thrombolites are a must-see attraction during the daytime, and the best way to experience it all is on a cultural walking tour with George from Mandurah Dreaming. Thrombolites are considered one of the first forms of life and George will share how they hold a significant place in their Dreaming stories.

Home to a plethora of native birds and migratory waterbirds, Mandurah’s wetland habitats are internationally protected. At Creery Wetlands, you can observe wildlife in their natural element and connect with nature and experience the remarkable wonder around you.

Waterways for days experiences

With a pristine coastline that stretches beyond what the naked eye can see, winding rivers, beautiful lakes and an estuary twice the size of Sydney Harbour, Mandurah is the ultimate aquatic playground. 

Love a good BBQ? How about on a circular self-drive Eco BBQ boat, where you can be your own captain and bob along the waterways – mates and BBQ in tow. If you want to linger longer on the water, why not spend the night on a fully equipped houseboat from Mandurah Houseboats, be captain for an afternoon and hire a boat with Mandurah Boat Hire, or hand over the helm to the experienced crew at Mandurah Murray River Cruises with a Murray River or Sunset Cruise.

The surf’s up in Mandurah, and if you’re a seasoned surfer you’ll want to hit Mandurah Wedge with swell sizes that can start from 1m-1.5m and hold up to 4m. If you want to give surfing a go, the accredited surf instructors at Mandurah Surf Lessons offer single day lessons for beginners.  

Food experiences

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Mandurah’s foodie scene keeps growing by the minute, and for an insider’s guide to all the best wineries and breweries around the Peel region, you’ll want to jump on a Kaleidoscope tour. If your prefer to go it alone then we’ve done all the homework for you, with the craft beer and wine trail, featuring seven of the region’s best drinking holes.

For the perfect breakfast spot, take a seat at Wood & Stone to tantalise the tastebuds. And if you’d like to eat and drink your way through Mandurah, choose from our top places to eat.

Arts and culture experiences


You don’t have to travel far to find amazing arts and culture in Mandurah. The art scene is buzzing here, and in between all your foodies experiences you’ll want to walk if off. What better way than on an art walk, showcasing amazing local art in hidden laneways, on building facades, even the pavement! Downunder Discoveries will take you on an Art Safari Walk

With so many experiences to be had, isn’t time you started planning your next adventure in Mandurah?

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