Giants of Mandurah

Prepare for a Giant Adventure in Mandurah

Are you ready for an epic adventure? Enter the magical world of internationally renowned artist Thomas Dambo in Mandurah.

Initiated by FORM Building a State of Creativity, Thomas Dambo’s ‘Giants of Mandurah’ is a free outdoor exhibition celebrating the extraordinary beauty and importance of protecting our natural world, including Mandurah’s globally significant Ramsar-listed wetlands, unique waterways, bushland and wildlife.

Begin at Mandurah’s Visitor Centre and choose your own adventure on your journey to discovering each of Thomas’ hidden Giants. Collect clues along the way to reveal the location of the final Giant, but shhhhh…..don’t tell anybody else.

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FAQ – Giants of Mandurah

  • How long will the Giants of Mandurah be in place?

    The Giants of Mandurah outdoor exhibition, including the Subiaco Giant, was launched in November 2022 and is expected to remain for at least another 3 years.
  • How many Giants are there?

    There are 6 Giants in total. One of the Giants is located in Subiaco (Perth) and the other 5 Giants are here in Mandurah.
  • How long will it take to play the Game?

    We suggest allocating a day and a half to experience the game as it’s meant to be played.
  • Can I walk to the Giants from the Mandurah Visitor Centre or from the city centre?

    No, unfortunately no Giants reside in the city centre. The nearest one, Santi Ikto, is approximately 6km away. Transportation is necessary to visit any of the Mandurah Giants. Additionally, there is a walk required to reach the Giant once you arrive at their location.
  • How much walking is involved?

    Each giant involves a walk of varying length and difficulty. Distances vary from 500m to 3.6km return, and difficulty level ranges from an easy Grade 1 trail to moderate Grade 3 trail.
  • Is there public transport to the Giants?

    The game is not designed to be done via public transport, it is preferable to use your own vehicle. You could visit a couple of Giants using public transport, however there would be a fair amount of additional walking involved. If you do not have your own vehicle, we would suggest looking at booking a tour to see the Giants.
  • What distances apart are the Giants?

    The Giants in Mandurah are all within a 40km radius of one another. If you follow the order in the Traveller’s Companion, each Giant is between 10km to 30km apart (not including the giant in Subiaco, which is 75km away).
  • Are the trails wheelchair accessible?

    Each trail features varying levels of access. The Giants ‘Yaburgurt Winjan Cirkelstone’ and ‘Seba’s Song’ are the most wheelchair accessible giants, each featuring a flat pathway between 500m to 1.2km return. Please speak to the specialists at the Mandurah Visitor Centre for more information.
  • Are the trails pram friendly?

    Yes, all trails are pram friendly. While most of the paths are paved, there are a couple that feature crushed limestone and compacted dirt pathways.
  • Which Giants would you recommend for people with difficulty walking far?

    For those with difficulty walking, the most accessible Giants in Mandurah are ‘Yaburgurt Winjan Cirkelstone’ in Coodanup, offering a short and easy 550m return walk on a flat pathway. ‘Seba’s Song’ is the next option, with a 1.2km return walk on a flat, paved pathway.
  • Are there any guided tours to see the Giants?

    Yes, you can go on a guided e-bike tour with The Bike Kiosk Mandurah who will take you to 2 or 3 Giants! To book your ‘Ride the Giants‘ tour, please click here.

    Or join Mandurah Cruises’ Giant & Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise to take in the exceptional sculpture ‘Seba’s Song’, the only Giant with premium viewing from the water.

    Or enjoy an active, fun filled day with the coach tour operators Kaleidoscope Tours, Zion Coach Services and Ready2Roll Charters who all run Giants of Mandurah Tours.

    Trike Tours WA offers 1-hour Giants of Mandurah tours on their custom built German Boom trike. Book your Giant trike adventure here.

  • Can I take my dog to see the Giants of Mandurah?

    Dogs on a lead are allowed at all sites except for the site of the Secret Giant. Please keep your dog on a lead, and remember to clean up after him.

  • How should members of the public interact with the Giants?

    • The Giants are extremely unique artworks that are made of recycled wood. Each is a one-of-a-kind. There is only one sculpture like this in the entire world.
    • It has taken over 1,000 hours to create each Giant, with very intricate carpentry skills required.
    • The Giants are artworks, not play equipment, and therefore we request you not to climb on them. Instead, we ask you to respect the time and effort that has gone into creating them, the Artist, and the Giants themselves.
    • If you would like to gently sit on the Giants to get a photo, that is perfectly fine.

Important Environmental Information

Phytophthora cinnamomi (known as Phytophthora dieback or dieback) is a pathogen that attacks the roots of plants causing them to rot. This impacts how the tree takes up water and nutrients, causing the plant to wilt, lose colour, and eventually die.

Dieback impacts 40% of native WA species and can be quickly spread by humans to affect entire bushland areas. Soil or plant material containing dieback is often spread by shoe treads or tyres.

Be a responsible explorer and help protect our unique native plants and bushland from the spread of dieback by:

1.) Sticking to the tracks when walking through bushland

2.) Cleaning shoes and tyres when travelling between sites – use boot brushing stations provided or keep your own brush handy.  For extra protection brush and spray with 70% methylated spirits.

3.) Avoiding wet soil – where the pathogen thrives.

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