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Mandurah, WA’s largest regional city and less than an hour from Perth, is set against a backdrop of magnificent beaches and an estuary twice the size of Sydney Harbour. Originally known as Mandjoogoordap, Mandurah means ‘meeting place of the heart’. Once you’ve arrived here, you fall in love with this place. Enjoy waterways for days and much more. Because in Mandurah we’re relaxed by nature.

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Giants of Mandurah

Mandurah  is home to Thomas Dambo’s Giants of Mandurah for the next 12 months. The Giants of Mandurah outdoor exhibition was officially opened on 12th November 2022. You can see these larger-than-life, whimsical wooden creatures in five secret locations around Mandurah.

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Jos Coufreur

Jos Coufreur

Mandurah is very inspiring when it comes to my art. I paint outdoors, or as the French would say, ‘en plein air’…

Natalie Adams Mataya Mandurah

Natalie Adams

I’m so glad I made the move here. Not only can I grow my business passion, but I also get to indulge my favourite activities…

George Walley, Mandjoogoordap Dreaming

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