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8 epic outdoor school holiday adventures for the whole family

Feels like yesterday that the school term started, and now we quickly find ourselves staring down the barrel of another round of school holidays.

Spring in Mandurah

Drifting on vast waterways, exploring wonderful wetlands, casting a line, watching dolphins play, and following pathways full of colour, you’ll discover there are plenty of things for everyone to enjoy this Spring in Mandurah.

The ultimate foodies guide to Mandurah

While it’s easy to fall into the trap of hitting up the same place you went to last time or the first stop you see, there are many incredible food havens to feast your eyes on, that we bet you haven’t even heard of.

An insider’s look into the Mandurah surfing scene

Sure, the South West is known for its surf, but Mandurah has loads of popular surfing spots to rival, making it a perfect day trip for Perth surfers. And the best time to hit the surf is now!

Girls Weekend? Mandurah is the perfect getaway

Ladies of Perth, if you are itching to ditch the boys and getaway for the weekend with the girl gang, we have just the solution. Take off down south to WA’s second-largest city, Mandurah, to unwind with your besties and relax by nature.

Follow the yellow bloom road of wildflowers near Perth

Japan has its cherry blossoms, Amsterdam flourishes with tulips, and Provence, France lights up with lavender fields. Here in Western Australia, we’re famously known as wildflower country. And rightly so.

Mandurah, I owe you an apology and here’s why.

Mandurah, I am sorry I doubted you. I’m sorry I ever overlooked you. As a Perth city slicker who thinks of day trips to Rottnest or the Swan Valley, heading to your water-wonderland for a relaxing coastal getaway or spontaneous day trip hadn’t sprung to mind. To think you are only an hour away by car or easy train ride, please forgive me for not popping out of my Perth bubble to come out and explore sooner.

Chasing dolphins and rainbows on a whimsical winter’s day on the water

It might seem strange to hit the water in winter, but if you want to get off the beaten track and experience the purest and simplest encounters with nature, you’ll soon realise there’s no better time.

Mandurah is the place to Savour freshly-caught seafood

What started as a humble fishing town over 100 years ago, the thriving city of Mandurah is now well-renowned for its superb seafood.

Mandurah Is A Winter Wonderland and here are 6 Reason Why

We have a habit out here on the west coast when the sun isn’t shining with sizzling temperatures to match; we resort to full hibernation mode. But winter can be just as exciting with things to see and do, and Mandurah is a divine example of that.