Summer in Mandurah

Mandurah: Your Top-Notch Getaway

Explore why Mandurah – Australia’s Top Tourism Town 2023 – is your top summer choice. Enjoy pristine beaches, meet our friendly dolphin community, explore 134 square kilometers of calm waterways, savour fresh seafood, and marvel at Thomas Dambo’s Giants of Mandurah. Create unforgettable memories in a destination like no other.

Mandurah - Australia' Top Tourism Town Award

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Top Attractions in Mandurah - Giants of Mandurah

Giants of Mandurah

Discover Mandurah’s top attraction. This free to view sculpture trail is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in Australia, crafted by the internationally renowned Danish recycling artist, Thomas Dambo.

Top Water Fun in Mandurah

Top Water Fun

Mandurah is a true paradise for water lovers. Make the most of its sprawling waterways and dive into the top ways to soak up the beauty and adventure they have to offer.

Top Places to Eat in Mandurah 423x527 2

Top Places to Eat

Mandurah’s food scene is a delight, offering everything from top breweries to relaxing river cruises and exciting seafood adventures. Plus, award-winning restaurants are on the menu!

Top Beaches in Mandurah

Golden Sands, Golden Times: Top Beaches

If you’re up for a fun family beach day, a laid-back stroll to find seashells, or catching some epic waves, Mandurah’s got you covered. Here are our tops!

Top 10 things to do with kids in Mandurah - Dolphin Watching

Top 10 things to do with kids

Mandurah and its surroundings offer a ton of fun stuff to do with the kids. We’re spoiled for choice! Here’s our list of the top 10 to keep your little ones happy.

Top eco-friendly experiences in Mandurah - Eco BBQ Boats

Top eco-friendly experiences

From Giants to electric-powered boats, we’re about to take you on a green journey through Mandurah’s top eco-friendly experiences.

Fresh Finds – Mandurah’s newest experiences

Curious about what’s brewing in Mandurah? Get ready for laid-back vibes, secret spots and new unforgettable adventures. Find your next favourite getaway!

Kayak tour in Mandurah with Downunder Discoveries

Image: Chelle Fisher

Your Best Mandurah Moments

Nestled away from the bustling heart of Mandurah lies the city’s best-kept secret –

📍 The Creery Wetland Nature Reserve 🌿

The #CreeryWetlandNatureReserve promises a nature-filled adventure in the heart of Mandurah’s unspoiled wilderness.

Just a short drive from the city center, these wetlands – that hold international importance as the largest wetland in South #WesternAustralia – are a natural wonderland, making them a magnet for waterbirds and a seasonal haven. ✨

📸 BIG shoutout to @simonphillipsphoto  for sharing this TOP view of the colours of the #CreeryWetlands

Go to the link in our bio to check out more of our #ecofriendly experiences here in #Mandurah

#MandurahIsTop #VisitMandurah #EcoTourism
🌟🐾 UNLEASH your inner explorer and emBARK on eco-friendly adventures in Mandurah! 🚴‍♂️✨ With @thebikekiosk's electric trike, you can pedal through picturesque landscapes while taking your four-legged friend along for the ride. 🐶🌿

Ready to ride? Tag a friend who needs this adventure in their life!

🎥 @thebikekiosk

As Australia’s Top Tourism Town, we offer eco-conscious visitors a wide range of sustainable adventures that truly connect with the heart. 🩵

➡️​🔗 Go to the link in our bio to unveil the hidden gems in #Mandurah that allow you to connect with the environment while having a fantastic time.

#VisitMandurah #MandurahIsTop #BikeKiosk #PetFriendlyMandurah
Kickstart your weekend with some fun-fuelled on Mandurah’s foreshore. ✨

From wildlife spotting, relaxing by the foreshore, or hopping on a pirate ship cruise, @jemhernandez09 shows us why #MandurahisTop with his highlights from Mandurah.

#VisitMandurah #ThingsToDo #Mandurah
The dolphins of Mandurah putting on a show for @mandurahcruises💦

With the warmer weather this week, it’s the perfect time to get out on Mandurah’s waterways with paddling, boat trippin', or dolphin spotting! 🐬

🎥 @mandurahcruises

#VisitMandurah #MandurahIsTop
Diving into Mother's Day with a BIG splash of love and a dash of fin-tastic fun! 🐬

We're celebrating Mother's Day in #Mandurah with the news of the NEW baby dolphins in our waterways! 🥰

📽️ @mandurahcruises

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums! 🌻

#VisitMandurah #MandurahIsTop #MandurahDolphins
Our Giant ‘Yaburgurt Winjan Cirkelstone' just got a makeover!

He’s looking fresher and cooler than ever 😎✨

While Yaburgurt was getting pampered, our other Giants are still open and waiting for you to come say hi!

Check out when each Giant is getting their makeover:

🌿 Jyttes Hytte (Yalgorup National Park): closed 13 May - 16 May
🍃Little Lui (Parklands): closed 15 May – 17 May
🌊Santi Ikto (Halls Head): closed 20 May – 23 May
💧Seba's Song (Wannanup): closed 22 May – 24 May

So, let's keep the adventure going! Come hang out with our Giants and make some memories! See you there! 🎉✨

@formwa @cityofmandurah @thomasdambo
#VisitMandurah #GiantsOfMandurah #MandurahIsTop
Come rain or shine - Mandurah is always a good idea! 🩵

Don't let the seasons dictate your travel plans! Mandurah shines bright all year round with our stunning scenery, exciting events, TOP attractions, and warm hospitality.

BIG thanks to 📸 @anton.wilk for sharing this epic capture of the #GiantsOfMandurah 🌿

#VisitMandurah #MandurahIsTop #Mandurah
🌿 #GiantsOfMandurah - UPDATE ⬇️

Attention Giants of Mandurah lovers! 🛠️ Our beloved Giants are getting a little TLC over the next few weeks to keep them looking their best for you!

Each Giant will be getting pampered with a moisturizing linseed oil treatment one after the other to prepare them for the upcoming winter.

You can still visit and admire these magnificent sculptures up close. 📸

However, for their safety and yours, there will be barriers up during the process and whilst they dry off, so you won't be able to get up close and personal. 🚧

Here's the schedule of works:

Yaburgurt Cirkelstone (Coodanup): 6 May – 9 May
Seba's Song (Wannanup): 8 May – 10 May
Jyttes Hytte (Yalgorup National Park): 13 May - 16 May
Little Lui (Parklands): 15 May – 17 May
Santi Ikto (Halls Head): 20 May – 23 May

We appreciate your patience as we ensure that our beloved Giants continue to be a highlight of your #Mandurah experience.

Thank you! 🩵

@cityofmandurah @formwa @thomasdambo 

#VisitMandurah #MandurahIsTop
Create lasting memories with Mum in Mandurah this Mother's Day! 🥰

Indulge in delicious waterfront dining, explore our local boutiques, or pamper her with a spa day. ✨

Maybe she’d prefer a day of seaside serenity? 🌊 From scenic walks along the foreshore to relaxing boat cruises, there's plenty to do to make her day extra special. 💖

Go to the link in our bio to start planning your Mother’s day in Mandurah ➡️🔗

#VisitMandurah #MandurahIsTop
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Discover the personality of Mandurah and surrounds through its festivals and major events. Whether it’s markets, the annual celebration of our blue manna crabs at the annual Mandurah Crab Fest or shows and performances, we will keep you entertained.

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