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Experience Mandurah to its fullest on these adrenaline pumping water activities. You’ll be spoilt for choice.


Jet Ski Tour

The Estuary is a safe location to enjoy the thrills of riding a jet ski. This surely will get your adrenaline pumping! You can hire jet skis in Mandurah as well as Dawesville with Stag Watersports so you won’t have to go far for your jet ski adventure.

Jet Ski Tours and Hire in Mandurah
Jet Ski Tours and Hire with Stag Watersports

Houseboat Adventure

Have you ever considered spending your holiday or weekend getaway on the water? Sounds like a great adventure, doesn’t it?

Less than an hour’s drive from Perth you can hire one of the many different Mandurah Houseboats from 3 different pick up locations around the city. These houseboats are fully equipped with bedrooms, bathrooms, hot water showers, a kitchen; basically everything you’d want from your holiday home! The only difference is that you can take this holiday home with you! 

You can completely unwind and take in the views while slowly meandering down the Estuary or Murray River before finding an idyllic and secluded hideaway spot at night to drop your anchor. 

But you won’t be completely alone; you’ll probably get some company of the many waterbirds and dolphins you’ll find in the Peel Harvey Estuary.

And you don’t need a skippers ticket to drive these boats.

WA Mandurah Houseboats
Houseboat Adventure with Mandurah Houseboats

Fast Water Rafting

Gear up and head down to the Murray River for a remarkable day of fast water rafting (in winter) with Dwellingup Adventures – take in the amazing views during a gentle paddle, and feel your heart hammer as you rough the rapids.

Looking for a day of hands-on excitement and exhilarating rafting rides? Then, this is perfect for you.

White water rafting
Image courtesy of Dwellingup Adventures

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