Spring in Mandurah

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this Spring

Spring has sprung in Mandurah, and with it comes a bouquet of exciting events and activities. Discover what’s blossoming in our charming coastal city this season.

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Yaburgurt Cirkelstone Giant Mandurah

Giant Adventures Await: Spring into Action

Mandurah Arts Festival

Mandurah Arts Festival

Experience creativity and culture at Mandurah Arts Festival 2023! From outdoor painting to captivating theatre and family-friendly fun, join us from 22nd September to 22nd October for a month of artistic celebration.

Wildflower Walks in Mandurah

Wildflower Walks in Mandurah

Mandurah’s diverse wildflower species beckon nature enthusiasts and hikers alike. Embark on vibrant walks amid delicate petals, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of natural beauty that surrounds Mandurah.

New things to do and see in Mandurah

New Things to See and Do

Beyond iconic dolphins, crabs, and fish & chips, Mandurah has transformed with new developments, dining options, and exciting experiences. Discover what’s making waves in our charming seaside city.

Giants of Mandurah

Explore Thomas Dambo’s enchanting Giants of Mandurah. Marvel at these wooden sculptures amid scenic wetlands and waterways. The perfect family adventure!

Secret Giant by Thomas Dambo, Giants of Mandurah

Secret Giant Jyttes Hytte by Thomas Dambo, Giants of Mandurah

Upcoming Events

Find out what’s on in Mandurah and surrounds

What’s on in Mandurah this Spring? Our events calendar is looking full of things to do. Check out our events calendar and start planning your day out or weekend escape.

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