Dolphin Watching

A visit to Mandurah
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Mandurah, Australia’s Top Tourism Town, is home to one of the country’s largest dolphin populations. These intelligent creatures have long known that Mandurah is the place to be. They grace the pristine waters of Mandurah, making it a cherished natural haven for locals and a top attraction for visitors. So, if you’re seeking an encounter with these friendly marine companions, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Marvelous Mandurah Dolphins

The Mandurah dolphins that inhabit the Peel-Harvey Estuary and adjacent coastal waters are Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins.

Our dolphins are a special breed – highly social and known for their playful antics. They often travel in pods, with the privilege of witnessing gatherings of up to 15 dolphins or more. Within these pods, female dolphins maintain vast networks of friends, creating strong social bonds. Males, too, create lifelong alliances, demonstrating their close-knit nature. The young ones, the juveniles, learn essential life skills from their families, from hunting techniques to social etiquette.

Mandurah’s inland waterways offer protection for birthing and an abundance of fish for feeding, making this area an ideal playground for dolphins.

Dolphin Cruise Views Mandurah

Best way to watch dolphins

Whilst you can see dolphins in Mandurah all year round, the best time for dolphin watching is between September and May.

A dolphin cruise is a great way to see these friendly creatures and enjoy a scenic tour. The friendly, playful dolphins often surf on the wake of the boat, sometimes stopping to take a good look at the people on board!

Or hire a boat, kayak or canoe and seek them out for yourself. It’s truly magical when they suddenly pop up right next to you to join you on your very own water adventure.

Best locations for dolphin spotting in Mandurah

Mandurah’s unique waterways offer the perfect sanctuary for these delightful creatures. It’s no surprise that Mandurah is considered one of the best places to watch dolphins in their natural habitat. You can spot Mandurah’s dolphins playing in the estuary, boat harbour, Serpentine and Murray River and in the Indian Ocean.

The top locations for witnessing these friendly marine mammals include:

Dawesville Channel

As one of the best spots, the Dawesville Cut provides an excellent vantage point to observe the dolphins’ graceful dance. They frequently pass through this scenic passage, offering an unforgettable sight.

Mandjar Bay

The calm waters of Mandjar Bay are a favorite hangout for our friendly dolphins. Their playful antics are a common sight here, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking to connect with these marine marvels.

Mandurah Estuary

The Mandurah Estuary is a natural playground for our playful dolphin friends. This picturesque location provides an ideal setting for a serene dolphin-watching experience. You can easily hire a boat or houseboat as well as a canoe or kayak without the need for a skipper’s ticket.

The tranquil waters and abundant fish in the estuary make it a favoured spot for dolphins and a top choice for those wanting to watch our dolphins.

Mandurah Ocean Marina

The marina is another top location to spot dolphins. Whether you’re sipping a latte at a waterfront café or navigating the marina’s tranquil waters in a hire boat, this location offers the perfect vantage point.

Dolphins often delight visitors by riding the wake of passing boats, providing an up-close and personal connection with these friendly marine companions. So, if you’re looking for a relaxed and convenient spot to witness these aquatic marvels, Mandurah Ocean Marina has you covered.

Serpentine River

Near Riverside Gardens Reserve in Greenfields and the picturesque Goegrup Lake, the Serpentine River in Mandurah is a hidden gem for dolphin fans.

This tranquil river offers a pristine setting for watching our friendly dolphins and provides a beautiful backdrop to witness these intelligent and playful marine creatures in their natural habitat. Don’t miss the opportunity to create unforgettable memories as you watch the dolphins of Mandurah play in this idyllic setting.

Learn about the Clean Waterways Project

Our dolphins are so unique and treasured by our community and visitors. Find out what we can all do to help look after our amazing Mandurah dolphin population. Be a champion for our waterways!

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