Accessibility In Mandurah

We’re proud to say that Mandurah is WA’s most accessible-friendly city, winning the top honour award at the 2020/21 Most Accessible Community in WA (MAWCWA) Awards.

Accessibility In Mandurah

Check out Our Accessible spots in Mandurah

The city of Mandurah is dedicated to providing an accessible and inclusive environment for everyone. We strongly believe that as many spaces as possible should be accessible regardless of people’s abilities. With so many fun things to see and do in Mandurah, we’ve compiled a list of the best accessible-friendly activities awaiting in Mandurah.

Living with a disability brings up many challenges, with accessing spaces being one of the major issues individuals face. Simply getting around a city can present issues that many may not have considered.

With 1 in 6 people in Australia living with a disability and approximately 411,500 people with disability living in Western Australia, there’s a strong need to improve their wellbeing and available opportunities.

We’re proud to say that Mandurah is WA’s most accessible-friendly city, winning the top honour award at the 2020/21 Most Accessible Community in WA (MAWCWA) Awards. Additionally, we have partnered with Spinal Life Australia and have many tourism products and experiences reviewed on their website.

From accommodation to activities to eating and drinking—Mandurah provides easy access. Discover more below.


If you’re looking for a place to stay in Mandurah that’s accessible-friendly, you’ll find there are plenty of great options that will meet your needs in Mandurah.

Dolphin Quay Apartments

Offering apartment-style luxury accommodation overlooking the impressive Mandurah Ocean Marina are the comfortable Dolphin Quay Apartments. This is a great spot for those looking for a more casual accommodation experience in an ideal location. Only a 6-minute walk from shops and restaurants, everything you need is within a close radius. Chat with the team at Dolphin Quay Apartments to find a room to match your needs.

Accessible places Dolphin-Quay-Apartments
Accessible places Dolphin-Quay-Apartments

Mandurah Houseboats

Mandurah Houseboats offers WA’s very first purpose-built commercial houseboat charter vessel specifically designed for disabled or mobility-restricted guests. Called “Emily Louise,” the houseboat offers a unique experience for people living with disability, offering features including a ramp to ensure easy entry, a wheelchair-friendly wide central corridor and a bathroom with a wheel-in shower. Importantly, the helm position has been specifically designed so that wheelchair users are not limited to being passengers but can actively participate and steer the boat.

Accessible places Mandurah-Houseboats
Accessible places Mandurah-Houseboats

Mandurah Ocean Marina Chalets

Close to some of Mandurah’s best sites (50 metres to safe beach, 70 metres to Oceanic Bar & Grill and 5 minutes to the foreshore) yet, still maintaining a peaceful and quiet serenity—Mandurah Ocean Marina Chalets offers accessible and cosy accommodation at an affordable price. With a wide selection of chalets to choose from, contact the staff before booking to ensure they pick the best stay for your visit.

Accessible places Mandurah-Ocean-Marina-Chalets
Accessible places Mandurah-Ocean-Marina-Chalets

Seashells Mandurah

Seashells Mandurah understands guests living with disability and offers an accessible reception, spacious and reduced mobility facilities and friendly and helpful staff to assist with any requirements. Seashells Mandurah ticks all of the boxes; located on the shores of Comet Bay, soak up the sun as you take in the impressive views from their outdoor seating area.

Accessible places Seashells-Mandurah
Accessible places Seashells-Mandurah

The Sebel

The Sebel caters for all guests with spacious rooms, a wheel-in shower, wide doors, low power switches, ramps for easy access to the terrace or balcony, lift access to all rooms and more. The hotel offers three Superior King Rooms and one accessible Superior Water View King Room. Contact the team directly on +61 8 9512 8300 or email if you would like to book accessible accommodation.

Accessible places The-Sebel
Accessible places The-Sebel


Mandurah offers a wide range of accessibility-friendly outdoor and indoor activities for everyone to enjoy. From the beautiful naturescapes, the stunning beaches and the art-rich streets—come and explore Mandurah’s offerings.

The Bike Kiosk

Located nearby the Mandurah Visitor Centre is The Bike Kiosk. With friendly and knowledgeable staff, the team at The Bike Kiosk give detailed descriptions on each bike, e-bike or e-scooter to ensure customers feel confident on their chosen bike. Although the shop isn’t spacious, they showcase all bikes/scooters are displayed outside the store to browse. If you have any questions, the team are eager to help.

Accessible places The-Bike-Kiosk
Accessible places The-Bike-Kiosk

Flip Out

With a 5-star rating on Accessible Australia, Flip Out provides an inclusive space for all guests. Two parking bays are available with pram ramp included, tactile is throughout the venue, ramp (slightly uphill) at the entrance, reception bench is low, comfortable standard tables, disabled toilet with railing on both sides and great communication and service from staff. Plus, Flip Out offer special sensory-friendly sessions! Flip Out offers a comfortable venue for all guests, book your session beforehand to secure your spot.

Accessible places Flip-Out
Accessible places Flip-Out

Mandurah Visitor Centre

Mandurah Visitor Centre provides a comfortable environment for all guests to visit and access. There are 2 accessible parking bays on each side of the building, curb access, accessible toilets with hoist and rails, automatic open doors for access to the visitor centre, low bench height at reception, wide aisles, quiet seating area and welcoming and inclusive staff. The Mandurah Visitor Centre is here to provide help to all visitors.

Accessible places Mandurah-Visitor-Centre
Accessible places Mandurah-Visitor-Centre

Mandurah Boat Charters

With ramped access along the jetty, ramp access from jetty to boat, a helpful and accommodating captain there to assist during the journey and space on the boat to move comfortably—Mandurah Boat Charters are here to provide a scenic and relaxing experience for all. Call the company beforehand to ensure the boat is prepared for your trip.

Accessible places Mandurah-Boat-Charters
Accessible places Mandurah-Boat-Charters

Mandurah Cruises

Mandurah Cruises provide a wheelchair-accessible vessel, allowing ease of access for all guests. Call the company beforehand if you require wheelchair access and the helpful and accommodating staff will ensure all needs and requirements are catered for. Travel through the canals and admire the stunning views as you relax.

Accessible places Mandurah-Cruises
Accessible places Mandurah-Cruises

Pirate Ship

Wheelchair is accessible onto the Pirate Ship, and with seating and railing available, this is suitable for individuals with mobility impairments. Although the ship doesn’t offer wheelchair access on the boat, there is assistance to fold up and store wheelchairs for those who are able to sit down and enjoy the scenic cruise.

Accessible places Pirate-Ship
Accessible places Pirate-Ship

Ways to Nature

Organised by local zoologist Sarah Way, Ways To Nature offer guided walks that can be customised for wheelchair users. These customised walks offer unique experiences, showcasing the beautiful reserves of Mandurah’s Peel-Yalgorup Wetlands and beyond. Accessible pathing and seating is available throughout the walk with the option for regular rests.

Accessible places Ways-to-Nature-(2)
Accessible places Ways-to-Nature-(2)

Eating & Drinking

If you’re looking to wine and dine in Mandurah, you will be spoiled with many accessible-friendly options. From a morning brew to a delicious brunch to an impressive seafood dinner—there’s plenty of options in Mandurah.

Mataya Eatery

Mataya Eatery boasts 5 stars on Accessible Australia, with a thoughtfully designed interior and an extensive menu that will make your mouth water! Mataya Eatery offers a ramp with a good decline down to the shop. The venue entrance is flat with decently sized doorways (wheelchair can fit through with ease). There’s an accessible bathroom, accessible parking (only 100 meters away) and good height of tables and counter. It’s no wonder why Mataya Eatery has been awarded 5 stars.

Accessible places Mataya-Eatery
Accessible places Mataya-Eatery

The Peninsula

Offering cosy indoor seating, scenic outdoor spots and not to mention a beer garden—The Pen is a great place to enjoy lunch or dinner. There’s curbing and a concrete ramp upon entry with the main door left open for easy entry/exiting. Within the venue, there’s plenty of comfortable seating options as well as enough space to move around on a wheelchair with small ramps throughout interior. Bathrooms are accessibility-friendly with handrails and the mirror is at a good height.

Accessible places The-Peninsula
Accessible places The-Peninsula

Wood and Stone Cafe

Open for breakfast and lunch, Wood and Stone cafe is a go-to for Mandurah locals and visitors. There’s a good selection of indoor and outdoor seating, with tables at a comfortable height to fit a wheelchair underneath and plenty of space to manoeuvre within the interior too. There’s parking across the road and easy access via the bustling street of Mandurah. Wood and Stone cafe is cosy, delicious and welcoming option for all customers.

Accessible places Wood-and-Stone-Cafe
Accessible places Wood-and-Stone-Cafe

WA’s Most Accessible City

The City of Mandurah is dedicated to providing an inclusive, welcoming and safe place for all guests regardless of abilities. By offering ramps instead of stairs throughout the streets, providing plenty of lighting, offering inclusive and fun activities, and offering support and resources from the Visitor Centre, Mandurah is committed to offering an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Check out the reviews on accessible tourism offerings on the Accessible Australia page.


For any questions regarding accessibility, please contact the Visitor Centre, download your accessibility leaflet below or send us an email.

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Giants of Mandurah Tours

Enjoy an active, fun-filled day on our guided tours of Thomas Dambo’s amazing Giants.

Giants of Mandurah Tours

Discover the Giants of Mandurah on a guided tour

Enjoy an active, fun-filled day on our guided tours of Thomas Dambo’s amazing Giants.

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Nature Bucket List

Take your pick from our list of top nature experiences in Mandurah and surrounds,

Top Nature Experiences

Your Nature Bucket List for Mandurah

The vast open blue skies, pristine forests and stunning waterways of the region make it the perfect destination to immerse yourself in nature. Wonder at world-class natural beauty and easily spot native wildlife as you explore by water or land.

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Mandurah Eco-educational non-for-profit

Nature In Mandurah

Learn more about nature in Mandurah

Mandurah has many protected waterways, national parks, and nature reserves that are home to various species of marine animals, birds, and wildlife.  Shannon Lawson from the Mandurah Mail spoke with local tour operator Salt & Bush Eco Tours about their Mandurah Eco-educational non-for-profit.

Salt and Bush Eco Tours owner Jamie van Jones and her partner, Sebastian have a passion for the environment which is evident in everything they do.

Not satisfied with simply running an ecotourism business, they have now decided to share their knowledge and love of nature with the wider community by starting a not-for-profit.

“We thought we needed to do something more than just our business,” Jamie said. “We started Swanlandia Inc., which is all about ecology education. It’s inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards.”

The name comes from Swanland which was an early name suggested for Western Australia, and the term Landia which has the urban definition of ‘A fictional relationship to a non-fictional place’.

“Our mission is to connect people to the natural world through fun and educational experiences,” Jamie elaborated. “We believe that if you experience nature in a way that opens your eyes, then as you learn more about it, you fall in love with it and will want to conserve and protect what you love.”

Mandurah Eco-educational non-for-profit

Jamie and Sebastian say running Salt and Bush Eco Tours and working as naturalist guides for the last seven years around the world, they have seen first hand the positive impact experiences in nature can have on people. They wanted to make that accessible to youth.

Salt and Bush Eco Tours and Swanlandia Inc. are run as a hybrid-eco-enterprise.

“Both our business and not-for-profit have the same aim of sharing about the natural world in fun and educational ways,” Jamie said. “We just have different methods of achieving it. We are going to have 10 percent of Salt and Bush Eco Tour’s profits go towards funding programs for Swanlandia Inc. programs.

“We are also applying for grants locally, to help grow our not-for-profit dream into fruition.”

The couple are currently awaiting the outcome of a grant application through the City of Mandurah which they will find out about in early May.

“Even if we’re not successful we’ll keep trying to find another way to go head, even if it’s smaller to begin with and we work our way up to what we want to eventually do,” Jamie said.

The first step will be to start a group called the Cygnets which will be for six to eight-year-olds. There will be fortnightly meetings with hands on learning such as finding out how many frogs there are in a local wetland by identifying their calls, then learning about their role in echo system. Similar to scouts, children will put their learned skills to the test in their own neighbourhoods to earn badges and progress through the program.

“We’ll cover all kinds of things, from birds to fungi and mammals,” Jamie explained. “We hope to grow as an organisation to offer programs to all ages. We believe citizen science is a great way to engage in nature and contribute to science. Bird surveys, biodiversity counts, or programs like the Western Ringtail Possum tally, which is on over the next month, are programs we will help people to connect to locally.”

Jamie and Sebastian have travelled to some of the most amazing natural habitats on the planet, such as Antarctica, the Arctic, Borneo and Papua New Guinea, but they say living in Mandurah still makes them feel blessed.

“We can see how lucky we are to live in Mandurah and be surrounded by the diversity of the wetlands, the coastline and the bush. It truly is a world-class place to live,” Jamie said.

Relaxed by Nature

Discover a diverse range of nature experiences in the Mandurah region

From the bushland to the waterways, the Mandurah Estuary and Peel Inlet is twice the size of Sydney Harbour and home to a unique abundance of wildlife, birds and marine animals that’s worth exploring.

Jump onboard a custom guided private nature tour with Salt and Bush Eco-Tours and you’ll be amazed by this biodiversity hotspot right on your doorstep. There’s plenty to delve into when you wander and discover the incredible surroundings on a bushwalking trail, paddle or sail on a kayaking adventure with a difference, go bird-watching or simply settle in for a peaceful evening of stargazing.

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The ultimate aquatic and nature playground. Start planning your Mandurah adventure today!

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Hiking & Walking Trails

Discover plenty of great walking and hiking trails just waiting to be explored.

Hiking & Walking Trails

Discover Mandurah’s
great walking and
hiking trails waiting
to be explored

Do you also know this feeling when you need to get away from it all, when it’s time to get out of that box that is the office, and the home, and the car, and take a walk or a hike? Well, we’ve got plenty of great walking and hiking trails here in Mandurah and the Peel Region, just waiting for you to be explored.

Mandurah and Peel Region’s Top Walking Trails

It might not be the quickest way to get around, but in the famous words of a Mr Ferris Bueller: life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

So slow down as you walk one of these idyllic tracks – while smelling those roses, as ordered, you’ll also find yourself coming across gorges, dense forests, wetlands and suspended bridges to hike up the excitement on these trails.

Please note to check for updates on track conditions for those in national state parks before you put your sneakers on.

1. Kitty’s Gorge Walk.

Location: Jarrahdale. Distance: 14km return

As the name suggests, this walk takes you across the rocky terrain of Kitty’s Gorge, following the Serpentine River to eventually bring you to the falls.
The story goes that Kitty was actually a cow who wandered away and was found months later down the gorge. Don’t be like Kitty. Prepare yourself for a five-hour walk of moderate difficulty, with some uneven ground and steep stretches of track.

From here, you can also access Baldwin’s Bluff, which is about 6km all up and offers extended views from the bluff.

Serpentine National Park Guide with Map (PDF)

Kitty's Gorge Walk Trail - Photo by Suzanne Jones
Image Credit: Suzanne Jones

2. Len Howard Conservation Park.

Location: Erskine. Distance: 2km – 6km

A short, easy nature track looping around the wetlands, this trail offers bird watching spots and is connected to a reserve that’s perfect for a picnic.
From the carpark at the end of Glendart Ct, the short trail will take you to a bird hide just 2km away.

The trail is partly comprised of a boardwalk over the glistening wetlands.
For the more enthusiastic hiker, a longer walk along the Erskine Walk Trail of approximately 6km and a two-hour return is also available.

Trails WA – Len Howard 

3. Tullis Bridge and Tullis Rail Trails

Location: Boddington. Distance: 3 – 16km

Starting at – you guessed it – Tullis Bridge, this walk follows a flat, easy trail along the picturesque Hotham River.

The track weaves through bushland and back to the bridge site, which is a great spot for a picnic.

If you’re after a longer walk, the Tullis Rail Trail starts from the Boddington Lions Rodeo Grounds and is about 16km, finishing up at the wooden bridge.

Tullis Walk Trail Map (PDF)


4. Riverside Heartwalk

Location: Mandurah. Distance: 2km

Just to the east of Mandurah, this 90 minute walk follows a southern part of the Serpentine River, with a boardwalk that leads out to the water to offer breathtaking vistas.

While the odd boat is a pretty common sight, if you’re lucky, you might spot a couple dolphins, known to visit the area.

Trails WA Map

Riverside Heartwalk Mandurah - Visit Mandurah

5. Island Point Walk

Location: Herron. Distance: 2km – 3km

A popular bird watching and picnic spot, Island Point Reserve also offers short walks able to be taken on by young and old.

You can walk the short loop of 2.3km, or the longer 3.3km, around the gorgeous wilderness of the wetlands.

Island Point Map

6. Pinjarra Heritage Walk Trail

Location: Pinjarra. Distance: 1.2km

A fun track that crosses the Pinjarra suspension bridge, this walk takes you not just over the Murray River and its surrounding bushland but also through the historic town itself – making it a good choice for those not as keen for full-on bushwalking.

Ready to go? For further information and maps on the walking trails mentioned above visit your local visitor centre.

Trails WA, The Heritage Walk Trail, Pinjarra

Pinjarra Heritage Walk - Suspension Bridge - Visit Mandurah

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Mandurah is the ultimate aquatic and nature playground. Trip planning and experience making is easy with our 2022 destination information guide.

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Mountain Biking & Cycling

Experience the landscape whilst pedalling your trusted two-wheeler the best cycling trails.

Mountain Biking & Cycling

Explore winding
forest tracks and
Mandurah’s best
cycling trails

Exploring those winding forest tracks or traipsing across suspension bridges really can only be done on foot, but you just can’t see the same breadth of landscape than when pedalling your trusted two-wheeler across Mandurah and the Peel region’s best cycling trails.

Get out there and away from it all by bicycle or mountain bike to explore and find all sorts of adventures. As mountain biking can be dangerous it is advised that you download the Emergency+ App before your next ride.

Hire an eBike from The Bike Kiosk at the Mandurah Visitor Centre and tour Mandurah, along the coast or in the forest on family friendly cycling paths.

There are many cycling trails to choose from that vary in difficulty, but are sure to guide you through the most scenic places.

Less Travel More Summer banner 2
Exploring Mandurah on an eBike.

1. Bridges Ride

Location: Mandurah. Distance: 4.5km.

One of the best ways to soak in all Mandurah has to offer, this 4.5km ride takes you around foreshore and canals, before taking you out to nearby Samphire wetlands.

On your 90 minute ride you will also come across Sutton Farm on Old Coast Road, a heritage listed site dating back to the 1860s.

2. Bridge Loop Ride

Location: Mandurah. Distance: 10km

You get to see the beauty of Mandjar Bay from both sides with 10km ride. Start at the Mandurah Visitor Centre and use our trail notes to discover the rich history of Mandurah along the way.

Stop at Samphire Cove, Sutton’s Homestead, Hall’s Cottage and the 3d art installation when you return to the visitor centre.

Download the Bridge Loop Rise map.

3. Relaxed by Nature

Location: Mandurah Ocean Marina. Distance: 15km

Allow approximately an hour of riding time for this picturesque bicycle trail and more to stop and admire the views along the way.

See highlights of Mandurah including the popular Mandurah Ocean Marina, and stop for a selfie at The Frame or at the Blue Gatehouse with a 3d art Pelican. There’s even a giant Rock Lobster to say g’day to, look out for it on your peddle into the marina.

Download the Relaxed by Nature map.

4. Halls Head Coastal Trail

Location: Halls Head. Distance: 12km

This 12km stretch along the Mandurah Coastline is perfect for biker and walker alike.

Starting from Doddies Beach, there are boardwalk sections of this track and frequent benches for you to take that much-needed rest as you look out for dolphins in the stretching sea beyond.

5. Mandurah Sea Explorer

Halls-Head-Coastal-Trail-Visit Mandurah

Location: Coastal Mandurah. Distance: 26 km

Part of the Mandurah Bike Explorer trails, start this bicycle route at the Mandurah Visitor Centre and head for the coast – an easy bike ride from Mandjar Bay.

Take in Doddis Beach and head south towards Falcon Bay and if the weather is right and the sun is shining, stop for a dip along the way too.

Download the Mandurah Sea Explorer map and pick a dat to spend by Mandurah’s coastline.

6. Murray Valley Trails

New to the Peel region is the Murray Valley Trails, 3 purpose-built downhill mountain bike trails are open and ready for action.

These are the first of over 25km planned trails for the Murray Valley network – a real coup for the region and caters for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.

While the longest trail is 2.3km and for beginner riders – the moderate trail Boom Boom at 1.4km and advance trail Bam Bam at 1.3km definitely pack a punch that will challenge the most confident of riders.

7. Turner Hill Trail

Location: Turner Hill. Distance: 11km

Located between Pinjarra and Dwellingup, this track is strictly for off-road bikes.

The trail is marked as moderately difficult and will take one to three hours to complete.

However, there’s also a 5km short cut, and a much easier 1.1km loop for the kids (or the less confident biker).

8. Langford Park

Location: Jarrahdale. Distance: 22km

If it’s pure off-road or mountain biking you’re after, this is one of the most popular spots in the state to kick up some dirt.

There are a whole bunch of trails, the longest of which is 17km long, with options for beginner to advanced riders.

Choose your adventure and download the Langford Park Map.

9. Marrinup Cycle Trail

Location: Marrinup. Distance: 8km

North West of Dwellingup lies the Marrinup State Forest which is near the old Marrinup townsite and what remains of a prisoner of war camp.

Whether it’s the history, the beautiful flora and fauna, or the established biking trails you’re there for, this is an incredible spot in the Peel region to visit.

The Marrinup cycle trail is a purpose-built 8km track, starting and finishing at the old Marrinup campsite, with a slight detour taking you to the POW camp.

Ready to go? For further information and maps on the biking trails mentioned above visit your local visitor centre.


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Mandurah is the ultimate aquatic and nature playground. Trip planning and experience making is easy with our 2022 destination information guide.

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Take a look at some of our best picks

Caravanning & Camping

On the beach, in the bush or based in town, you’ll find the perfect spot for your next caravan or camping adventure.

Caravanning & Camping

Find the perfect
spot for your next
caravan or camping

Sleep under the stars at one of the region’s many national park camp sites, or stay at a tourist park and wake up to breathtaking views.

With stunning beaches, natural beauty and unique wildlife, Mandurah is a seaside hub set against the stunning backdrop of the Indian Ocean and winding waterways.

Originally known as Mandjoogoordap, Mandurah means ‘meeting place of the heart’, and once you arrive here it’s easy to see why Mandurah was crowned WA’s Top Tourism Town in 2022.

With an abundance of aquatic and nature activities, award-winning waterfront dining and a vibrant arts and culture scene, whether you stay for a day, a weekend or a week, your visit to Mandurah will be a memorable one.

The ‘Giants of Mandurah‘ by world-renowned Danish artist Thomas Dambo is Mandurah’s latest attraction and first of its kind in Australia.

These wooden sculptures are protectors of the environment and cleverly hidden around Mandurah in a free-to-view interactive outdoor exhibition that requires you to find them, following a trail of clues.

If you’re heading out on a Giant Hunt, don’t forget to pop into the award-winning Mandurah Visitor Centre (voted best in the State in 2022) for your map and clues. If you’d prefer to have some company (and a little help) when going on your Giant adventure, you can choose from a selection of guided boat, coach and e-bike tours!

Mandurah is popping right now with so many more big reasons to visit. There’s an array of exciting experiences around Mandurah for you to explore. From the thrill-seekers to the kickback and relaxers, Mandurah has got you covered.

Top Things to Do in Mandurah

Explore the waterways

Spending time on the water is one of the most popular activities in Mandurah. Whether on a dolphin cruise, a pirate ship or being the captain of your own vessel, a day spent on the water is always good for the body and soul.

Get active

There are so many ways to get around Mandurah. Hire an e-bike, a jet ski, a boat, a SUP or an e-scooter.

Nature Tours

Join a walking tour or a guided kayak adventure to explore the stunning natural attributes of Mandurah and surrounds.

With an abundance of unspoilt wetlands, the beauty and serenity of the outlying bushland will provide you with a renewed sense of calm.

Wildlife Watching

Over a hundred wild bottlenose dolphins call Mandurah home, so you are sure to see them showing off as they dart across the waves. Mandurah is also home to many native birds, kangaroos, emus and possums. We’ve pulled together your Mandurah nature bucket list.

Stay awhile

Camping Spots Mandurah

To enjoy all that Mandurah has to offer, there’s Mandurah Coastal Holiday Park near the city centre, Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park on Pinjarra Road, Twin Waters Caravan Park in Dawesville or Miami Holiday Park in Falcon.

  • Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park

    Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park is a 4 STAR family operated tourist park with family friendly facilities include a water slide and heated pool.
  • Mandurah Coastal Holiday Park

    Mandurah Coastal Holiday Park – located 500m from the beach, the central location means everything is nearby, including Mandurah Foreshore and Dolphin Quay Marina hospitality and tourism precincts.
  • Miami Holiday Park

    Miami Holiday Park – is the ultimate ‘uncomplicated’ caravan and camping
    destination with direct access to the Peel-Harvey Estuary, walk/cycle trails, and local beaches.
  • Twin Waters

    Twin Waters is a quiet shady park nestled between Melros Beach and the Estuary, only a 20-minute drive from the Mandurah city centre.

Camping Spots in the surrounds

You can camp right on the riverbank in the heart of Pinjarra or Boddington, on the foothills of the Darling Ranges in Serpentine, amongst towering trees in Dwellingup or lakeside at Herron Point near Pinjarra and Lake Navarino in Waroona.

Camping in a national park or reserve is a great way to connect with nature.

The campgrounds in the region, which are either on a first-come, first-served bases or booked in advance via include:

  • Lane Poole Reserve

    Instant relaxation is guaranteed at Lane Poole Reserve. You’ll just love this national park with nine different campgrounds within the reserve providing a range of facilities. Fees apply and a park pass is required to enter the national park. Except for Nanga Mill and Nanga Townsite, booking in advance is required.

  • Marrinup Townsite

    Marrinup Townsite near Dwellingup is suitable for tents, has toilet facilities and is pet friendly. Camping fees apply and booking in advance is not possible.

  • Martin Tank Campground

    Unwind and connect with nature at this beautiful campground near Preston Beach, right on the banks of Martins Tank Lake. The campsites at Martins Tank Campground are suitable for tents, campervans, camper trailers and caravans. Fees apply and you must book in advance.

Dump Points

  • Mandurah – Corner Hackett and Sholl Street
  • Pinjarra – Pinjarra Williams Road, adjacent to the heritage train station
  • Waroona – Millar Street, town oval
  • Boddington – Wuraming Avenue

RV friendly Towns

Maximum Stay

  • Pinjarra – 24 hrs (all year)
  • Waroona Oval, Preston Beach – 24 hrs (May to October – subject to change)
  • Boddington – 48 hrs
  • Jarrahdale – 72 hrs

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Mandurah is the ultimate aquatic and nature playground. Trip planning and experience making is easy with our 2022 destination information guide.

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Natural Attractions, Nature Parks & Tours

Experience Mandurah’s diverse range of nature experiences.

Natural Attractions & Tours

Discover a diverse range of nature experiences in the Mandurah region

The Mandurah region boasts a wealth of protected waterways, national parks, nature reserves and nature parks. See our top choices of what to explore on your next visit!



Salt and Bush Eco Tours speciality bird, wildlife and nature trips can be land or water-based (from foot peddled kayaks) along the Ramsar protected wetlands of the Peel Harvey Estuary and Yalgorup Lakes – a truly unique way to be relaxed by nature.

August marks the approximate start of the Djilba the Noongar season, where the bush bursts into yellows and whites with many acacia species in flower. We also start to see the emergence of more variety of native orchids which is a highlight on our wildflower tours.

Find the best wildflower locations in the Peel Region on a guided private wildflower tour. Locate a diversity of beautiful flora and learn about how they thrive. Professional Naturalist guides will take you on a wonderful wildflower sojourn. To view wild flower tour options click here.


Ways to Nature Tours

The best way to discover (or rediscover) what makes these stunning wetlands and the remarkable wildlife so special is on a guided walking tour with Ways to Nature.

Yalgorup National Park

Lake Clifton Thrombolites

Stretching from south of Mandurah to Preston Beach, the park is known for its ten elongated lakes, beautiful tuart and peppermint woodlands and the ancient thrombolite reef at Lake Clifton. The park provides visitors panoramic views of the beaches, dunes and lakes, walking trails and picnic spots. It is home to a variety of native animals, birds and wildflowers that are prolific in season.

Creery Wetlands Nature Reserve


The 29-hectare nature reserve has a series of connected boardwalks and pathways with informative signage and bird-watching areas. Whether you are interested in birds, wildlife or just enjoy a stroll by the estuary, the area is a fascinating and enjoyable environment to explore.

Samphire Cove Nature Reserve, Halls Head

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Located on the north-western side of the Peel Inlet, the reserve includes scenic boardwalks, two bird hides (one with all-abilities access), an information shelter and a barbecue area nearby.

Len Howard Conservation Park, Erskine

Situated by the shores of the Peel Inlet and Mandurah Estuary, the park includes walking trails along the estuary and wetlands, bird-watching sites and a grassed area for picnics.

Ways to Nature walk the entire length of the Erskine Trail from the western end of the Park to the east. You’ll learn about the diverse habitats and see great estuary views on their 2-hour walk.

Serpentine National Park

Credit Lisa Watson Photography Serpentine Falls 104958 56
Photo: Lisa Watson Photography

Best known for the waterfall that cascades over a sheer granite rock face, the park abounds with scenic beauty and is a sanctuary for an array of plants and animals. It is a great place for bushwalks or a picnic by the falls.

Lake Goegrup Nature Reserve

Lake Goegrup Mandurah
Photo: Les Imgrund

Forming part of the Serpentine River system, the reserve includes a walking trail that runs along the Serpentine River, providing an experience of river and wetland environments.

Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup


The Murray River meandering through towering jarrah forest and valleys make this reserve, just outside of Dwellingup, an enchanting place to visit. Covering more than 55,000 hectares, the park offers plenty of space and options for a range of outdoor activities. Stay overnight at one of the many campsites or pack a picnic and enjoy a day trip exploring this stunning location.

Island Point Reserve, Herron

Island Point Reserve 5 scaled
Photo: Little Jones Photography

Situated on the shores of Harvey Estuary, the reserve provides a lovely sheltered beach for swimming or bird watching and bush trails to wander. Salt and Bush Eco Tours offer a 2-hour walk around the area, where you can be guided for 3.5km and discover and share natures’ stories that exist in this amazing global biodiversity hotspot.

Herron Point, Birchmont

Michael Bond 105612 56
Photo: Michael Bond

Between Mandurah and Pinjarra, the area is ideal for camping, picnics, swimming, walking and birdwatching.

Header image by Lisa Watson Photography

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Mandurah is the ultimate aquatic and nature playground. Trip planning and experience making is easy with our 2022 destination information guide.

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Animal & Wildlife Encounters

The Mandurah region is the perfect destination to immerse yourself in nature.

Animal & Wildlife Encounters

The perfect destination
to easily spot native
wildlife as you explore
by water or land

The fresh air, blue skies, pristine forests and stunning waterways of the Mandurah region make it the perfect destination to immerse yourself in nature. Wonder at the world-class natural beauty and easily spot native wildlife as you explore by water or land.

Here are our insider tips of where to spot wild dolphins, kangaroos, emus and waterbirds:

Dolphins – regularly visit the calm waters in the centre of Mandurah and are a joy to watch while dining alfresco by the waterfront or just strolling along the foreshore. Some residents say that you are almost 100% guaranteed to see a dolphin at the Dawesville Cut as they have never once walked their dogs here without seeing a dolphin.

Kangaroos – graze on Melros Beach Reserve and Florida Beach Reserve in the late afternoon. You can also spot them close-up near the picnic area at Serpentine Falls National Park.

Emus – can often be spotted walking along the lake shores at Lake Clifton at Yalgorup National Park.

Black Swans – mass between October and March at Lake Pollard at Yalgorup National Park.

Red-tailed black cockatoos – are native to south western Australia and can be seen high up in the trees from the Emu Walk Trail that leads from Dwellingup town centre to the Forest Discovery Centre.

Visit our Wildlife Parks & Tours

Salt & Bush Eco Tours – Wildlife Nocturnal

Discover what happens in the Bush after the sun goes down.  Salt & Bush Eco Tours have amazing insight into the local nocturnal wildlife. Take a  walk with your head torches on and seek out the nocturnal animals that are waking up. Discover more about Western Australia’s amazing wildlife on a guided Nocturnal walk.  For more information and other tours visit Salt &  Bush Eco Tours.

Ways to nature

Come and explore the extraordinary wetlands and wildlife of the Peel-Harvey estuary in South West WA with Ways To Nature! Whether you’re a local looking to connect with nature in your city or a visitor wanting to discover the Peel region’s natural heritage – let Ways To Nature be your guide.

Ranger Red’s Zoo

Ranger Red’s Zoo is a privately funded, hands-on zoo and wildlife sanctuary, in a lush setting on the banks of the Murray River in Pinjarra. Visiting Ranger Red’s Zoo is a bit like visiting one of your own family, who just happens to have hundreds of pets. Get close to and learn about over 100 species of birds and animals that will capture your imagination, including: koalas, wombats, dingoes, exotic birds, snakes, reptiles, bengal cats, quolls, possums and owls! The walk-through aviary and Tasmanian Devils are star attractions.

The Tasmanian Devil breeding programme is of vital importance. This species is endangered in the wild because of an incurable facial tumour disease and Ranger Red Zoo’s breeding program contributes to the Tasmanian Devil’s long-term future.

Kids can also experience working at the zoo with the ‘Zookeeper 4 a Day’ program.

Cohunu Koala Park

Located in Byford, Cohunu Koala Park has a colony of up to 15 koalas which you can pay to hold. You can also hand feed the native wildlife that roams free in the park.

Farm Animals

Caraholly Orchard – At this beautiful farmers market every Sunday you can hand feed the cows with apples from the orchard.

Midway Farmstall – Just off Forrest Highway, near Pinjarra Road, this is the perfect place to stop for delicious coffee and a bite to eat while the kids play with the farm animals.

Ferndale Springs Farm – Gain insights into a real working farm in Coolup. Mustering sheep, feeding cattle and eating damper and kangaroo are just some of the things you will experience here.

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Mandurah is the ultimate aquatic and nature playground. Trip planning and experience making is easy with our 2022 destination information guide.

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Bird life is abundant in Mandurah and the Peel Region which make it a perfect location for bird watchers and nature lovers.


Mandurah and the
Peel Region are the
perfect locations for
bird watchers

Situated at the northern end of the Peel Inlet, Mandurah is the key point in a chain of lakes and estuaries from Perth to Bunbury. These expanses of open water are a habitat for up to 100,000 waterbirds.

Localities such as the Creery Wetlands are recognised under International Agreements as key habitats for migratory waders. To the West is the Darling Range with its diverse Jarrah forest flora and habitat for native birds.

Bird life is abundant in Mandurah and the Peel Region which make it a perfect location for bird watchers and nature lovers. The bird life around the Estuary is just as impressive. Over 100 different species of native and migratory birds nest, breed and feed on the estuary.

The Peel-Harvey Estuary is classified as a Wetland of International Importance in 1990 by the Ramsar Convention.

Some of the best places to observe water birds are between the two Mandurah bridges on the shores, amongst the marshes and on the islands of the Peel Inlet. Here you will see waterbirds feeding, Darter, cormorants, yellow-billed Spoonbill amongst others.


Find our insider tips below for some of the best birdwatching spots in Mandurah:

Mandurah Estuary

Between the two Mandurah bridges the shores, marshes and islands of Peel Inlet provide excellent opportunities to observe waterbirds feeding. Get your binoculars and watch out for Darter, Cormorants, Yellow-billed Spoonbill (occasionally Royal Spoonbill) and Blackwinged.

Mandurah Harbour & Dolphin Pool

These are good areas to observe Caspian, Crested and Fairy Tern. In summer among the waders are Bar-tailed Godwit, Eastern Curlew, Ruddy Turnstone, Australian Pied Oystercatcher and Grey Plover.


Travel to Dolphin Drive, Mandurah

Len Howard Conservation Park

The park contains 60 hectares of bush on the north western shore of Peel Inlet and features a nature trail (Erskine nature trail) with boardwalks over wetlands.

Birds you may see on your walk include:
  • Splendid Wren
  • Black-face Cuckoo-shrike
  • Willie Wagtail
  • Grey Fantail
  • Golden Whistler
Waterbirds you may see on your walk:
  • White-faced Heron
  • Black Swan
  • Royal Spoonbill
  • Darter
  • Little Pied Cormorant
  • Pied Oyster Catcher

Travel to Len Howard Drive, Mandurah

Coodanup and Creery Wetlands

One of the Peel Yalgorup Wetlands System’s must-see spots is the Creery Wetlands, made up of a 29-hectare nature reserve that’s connected with a series of boardwalks and pathways enabling you to enjoy this unique ecosystem where over 130 different species of native and migratory birds have been spotted. Pelicans, the rare red tail black cockatoo, black swans and osprey breed and nest here.

From the shore you can see Boundary Island, a nesting place for Fairy Tern. The bay inshore of Creery Island supports large numbers of Bar-tailed Godwit, Eastern Curlew, Great Knot, Banded Stilt and Pacific Australian White Ibis and Yellow-billed Spoonbill who come here to feed from nearby breeding colonies.

Samphire Cove is part of the 29 hectare Creery Wetlands and is on the edge of the Peel Inlet. There are walking trails, information shelters and viewing huts and platforms for enthusiastic birdwatchers. The saltmarsh and shallow waters are an important roosting and feeding area for waterbirds and shorebirds which migrate to the Mandurah area every year from Northern Asia and Alaska.

Our tip:

The best way to discover (or rediscover) what makes these stunning wetlands and the remarkable wildlife so special is on a guided walking tour with Ways to Nature.

Salt and Bush Eco Tours speciality bird trips can be land or water-based (from foot peddled kayaks) along the Ramsar protected wetlands of the Peel Harvey Estuary and Yalgorup Lakes – a truly unique way to birdwatch.


Travel one kilometre east towards Pinjarra. Turn south along Wanjeep Street to Peel Inlet (Coodanup).

Lake Goegrup & Black Lake

These lakes are important waterbird feeding and breeding areas. You’ll find red-necked Avocet there throughout the year. Black Lake is a winter habitat for large flocks of Musk Duck.


Follow Gordon Road to Lakes, Patterson and Dunkerton Roads.

Header image by Karyn Ellis

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Mandurah is the ultimate aquatic and nature playground. Trip planning and experience making is easy with our 2022 destination information guide.

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