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Damien Bell,
Bellbuoy Seafoods

I’ve always had a love for fishing. I love the ocean, I love boats and I love being outdoors. I have lots of energy and can’t keep still. I’m an aquaculturist by trade but always wanted to be a commercial fisherman.

Damien Bell Bellbuoy Seafoods Mandurah

Fourteen years ago my dad bought into the crab fishery and I first leased his license then luckily was able to buy my own. I love the challenge of commercial fishing. You never know what the day is going to throw at you from the weather to the behaviour of the fish themselves.

Freshness is the best thing about the seafood you can get in Mandurah. Where else can you go to a fisherman’s house and buy from him direct? People do that at Wattsies Place on Old Coast Road seven days a week, many of them driving down from Perth. 

It’s iconic to the region and so important to the industry and the fabric of Mandurah. One of the things that makes Mandurah seafood so good is the high level of quality control. The industry worked hard to gain sustainable fishing accreditation from the Marine Stewardship Council to ensure our stocks are protected now and into the future.

I think the best thing about Mandurah is the estuary. You can swim in it, fish in it, go kayaking and kite boarding, walk a dog around it – its uses are endless and it’s beautiful and protected, just great for families.

I also love the hub of bars and restaurants at the base of the new bridge. Places like Redmanna, Bar Therapy and Flics Kitchen are all great and it’s a terrific part of town. Where we live in Falcon, the kids have kangaroos at the back door, the ocean over their right shoulder and the estuary over their left. It’s the best place to live and I wouldn’t be anywhere else.


  • Mandurah Cruises Wild Seafood Experience 
  • Buying fresh from Wattsies
  • Dining at Redmanna Waterfront Restaurant

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