How the locals like it

Guy Jeffreys,
Head Chef,
Millbrook Winery
& Restaurant

One of the things that makes Jarrahdale unique is that it experiences four true seasons. We have proper, cold winters, hot summers and true spring and autumn conditions. This means we can grow a nice variety of fruit and vegetables in the Millbrook Restaurant garden, giving us a diverse arsenal to work with.

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We are the only restaurant in Western Australia that grows all of the fruit and veggies used in our kitchen which means you’ll only ever see seasonal dishes on our menu. Another unique aspect is that we chefs do all of the gardening. From planting to harvest we are on our knees in the dirt, weeding and nurturing so when the crop is finally ready for the kitchen, we have the utmost respect for the produce and treat it accordingly. 

For all of our other produce, such as meat and cheese, we try to source as locally, sustainably and small scale as possible. We love family-run businesses and use a barter system for some ingredients, swapping Millbrook wine for what we need.

No Waste Mondays is a concept that’s proven incredibly popular. We create a new menu each week, using whatever is left over from the weekend’s trade. We are consistently booked out and even have a waiting list of people trying to get a table.

I’ve lived on the property for three years and I love it. I like to say Jarrahdale is close to nothing but near everything. It’s in such easy reach of Mandurah, Perth, Fremantle, Rockingham and Armadale we get a great mix of customers from lots of locations.

Jarrahdale has so much history and such natural beauty. The bush and walk trails such as Kitty’s Gorge and Serpentine Dam are fantastic. The best way to top off these experiences is with Millbrook wine and a meal at our restaurant.

Millbrook Winery and Restaurant was ranked at number five in the 2018 West Australian Good Food Guide Awards top 50 restaurants in WA.

how the
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