How the locals like it

Lyn Beazley,
Adjunct Professor

Being a biologist, I love animals, plants and the natural environment. Mandurah and the Peel Region offers amazing forests, rivers, the estuary, wild dolphins and so much more. The migratory birds of the region are of particular interest; I love to watch them here for half the year, knowing they will make their journey up to Russia and Alaska for the other half.

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I moved to Mandurah in 1985 when the population was 10,000. We were holidaying on the Murray River when we came into the Peel Inlet, saw a row of little houses and thought, ‘this looks awesome!’

We managed to buy a rundown cottage and have raised our children here. There is so much more to offer visitors now including internationally acclaimed shows at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre and beautiful restaurants with outstanding water views where you can watch pelicans, cormorants and dolphins while you dine. There are world-class golf courses, great shopping opportunities, you can go horse riding, fishing, snorkelling, watch all manner of wildlife … these are the kinds of experiences people travel half way around the world for and they are right on Perth’s doorstep. 

When I was Chief Scientist of Western Australia, I helped set up Dolphin Watch whereby trained volunteers monitor the health of the state’s wild dolphin population. There are an estimated 100 dolphins in the waterways around Mandurah and it is one of the only places in the world where you are almost guaranteed to see one if you head out on a boat.

 I once watched a mother dolphin who had stunned a large fish, continually toss it up in the air so her calf could practice catching it. I often take international scientific visitors around the region and they just can’t believe the beauty and abundance of wildlife. They tell me we are so, so lucky and I agree.


BLUE BAY – You can swim and snorkel in the shallow water, it’s never crowded, is protected from the breeze and is pristine, with shower facilities and a carpark immediately above the beach. It’s beautiful for families.

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