Pet-friendly accommodation & experiences

Worried about leaving the pooch at home whilst you’re on holiday? With Mandurah’s many pet-friendly accommodation options and fun activities, now you don’t have to! Bring your four-legged companion on the holiday with you.

Pet-friendly accommodation and experiences

Pet-friendly accommodation and experiences in Mandurah

Worried about leaving the pooch at home whilst you’re on holiday? With Mandurah’s many pet-friendly accommodation options and fun activities, now you don’t have to! Bring your four-legged companion on the holiday with you.

If you can’t bear the thought of holidaying without your furry friend, Mandurah has plenty of comfortable accommodation options and exciting activities to cater to the whole family… including your canine! Get your paws on these great deals.

Pet-friendly accommodation

Mandurah Coastal Holiday Park

Mandurah’s renowned Coastal Holiday Park is located only 500 meters from the glorious beachside. With Silver Sands Dog Beach and Halls Head Dog Beach only a short drive away, a few rounds of fetch on the sand is essential (just don’t forget the tennis ball). The Holiday Park boasts a great range of pet-friendly cabins and beach shacks, perfectly suited to keep the family and your pets happy and relaxed.

Mandurah Coastal Holiday Park pet friendly
Image: Mandurah Coastal Holiday Park

Twin Waters Caravan Park

Nestled between Melros Beach and the Estuary, this is an ideal getaway location for your family (pet included!) What makes this spot particularly special is the fantastic location. Within a 5 minute radius of the accommodation is the Cut Golf Course, Lawn Bowling Club, plenty of restaurants and two supermarkets. With everything you need in walking distance, there will be endless opportunities to sneak in walkies throughout your day. To book your stay, simply get in touch with the caravan park and they’ll make sure your pet needs are catered for.

Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park

If you really want to treat your pup, take them to Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park! Upon arrival you’ll receive a pet ‘Welcome Pack’ which includes lots of goodies for you and your companion. In addition, the accommodation is central to many dog-friendly parks and beaches. Take a walk, sniff out the area and arrive at one of the nearby spots. Pet accommodation may require a $50 bond that is redeemable (with conditions) at the end of your stay.

Miami Holiday Park

The Miami Holiday Park is situated between the waterways of the Peel Estuary and the Indian Ocean, making it the ideal spot to kick back and relax as your pooch splashes about in the water. All pets are welcome at the Miami Holiday Park (Pet Policy applies) with the Park even featuring a dog washing station on site so you can keep your dog looking picture perfect for all of your Insta-photos.

Miami Holiday Park 960x640 1
Miami Holiday Park

Lane Poole Reserve

If you’re tired of seeing the “no dogs allowed” signage across different reserves, the Lane Poole Reserve aims to welcome pets into designated nature areas. The Reserve allows dogs in some areas whilst under control and on a leash. Although there are some natural areas that don’t permit domestic animals due to conservation reasons, there are still plenty of spots where you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with your pet!

Lane Poole Reserve Dwellingup 02
Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup

Mandurah Quay Resort

If you want to bring your pet on holiday but you don’t want to sacrifice luxury, with Mandurah Quay Resort you don’t have to! The Resort offers spacious villas to make you (and your pooch) feel indulged and pampered. Talk to the friendly team and they’ll arrange your $25 fee plus $200 pet bond. Situated on the beautiful Peel Inlet beach, you’ll be spoiled for choice for walks and day trips.

Pet-friendly activities

Giants of Mandurah

Come on an extraordinary quest as you go hunting for the Giants of Mandurah.  This magical adventure will take you into some of Mandurah’s most iconic landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Begin at Mandurah’s Visitor Centre and choose your own adventure on your journey to discovering each hidden Giant.

Dogs on a lead are allowed at all sites except for the site of the Secret Giant. Please keep your dog on a lead, and remember to clean up after him.

Pet friendly experiences Mandurah Giants
Little Lui by Thomas Dambo, Giants of Mandurah

Mandurah Boat Hire

If you’re taking a trip with a Chihuahua, Maltese, Miniature Schnauzer or any small dog that doesn’t shed, you’re in luck – you can hop on a boat with your furry friend! Sail the Mandurah waterways with your little friend on your lap.

Mandurah Boat Hire 960x640 1
Mandurah Boat Hire

Mandurah Boat Charters

Enjoy the crisp sea breeze alongside your pooch on one of the Mandurah Boat Charters! Similar to the boat hire, you’ll just have to make sure your pet is small, doesn’t shed and is under control (Terriers, we’re looking at you).

Mandurah Boat Charters 960x640 1
Mandurah Boat Charters

Dog Park Leslie Street

One of Mandurah’s most popular locations for a good game of fetch is the Leslie Street dog park. This is Mandurah’s first enclosed dog park, offering a space for dogs small and large to run free. Fresh green grass, beautiful trees and a communal space that welcomes all dogs – this is a great spot for you and your pooch to meet other travellers and locals in the Mandurah area. 

SUP & Kayak Hire

Depending on whether your dog enjoys the water, many pet owners take their pooch for a paddle! Now don’t say we didn’t warn you though… if you’re taking a SUP board out with your pup, it does require some extra balancing skills. Rent out a SUP or Kayak from Mandurah Boat Hire… good luck!

SUP hire and dog Mandurah

Beach walks

A visit to Mandurah wouldn’t be complete without a long walk along the beach. Mandurah’s beaches are just too beautiful to miss! There are over 17 kms of coastline in Mandurah that allows for dogs to exercise off-lead. Plus, even more locations that allow for dogs to explore on lead. From Avoca Place in Madora Bay, to the Western end of Falcon Bay – there’s plenty of fantastic spots spread across Mandurah.

Dog friendly beaches 960x640 1

Estuary reserved walks

There are 26 reserves spread across Mandurah that allow your dog to run free off-lead. From Madora Bay, Lakelands, Dudley Park and Dawesville, take your dog for a run all over the city. Just make sure you pick up after your pup as it’s an offense to leave your poo behind. City of Mandurah offers free poo bags at many locations throughout the area. So stock up when you see the next station!

Dog in the beach
Village Beach, Wannanup

Restaurants with outdoor seating

After all of your outdoor activities, make sure you dig into a good feed! Take your pup to one of the fantastic restaurants in Mandurah that offers pet-friendly outdoor dining. Tod’s Cafe, Flic’s Kitchen, Hummingbird, Wood & Stone, Sharky’s, Dlight’s Café, Café Coast, Boardwalk@DQ, Nourishing the Soul Cafe… and more! These spots usually have a bowl of water available for pups too, if not just ask the staff and they’ll be happy to help!

Spoil your fur baby!

If you’re looking for your next holiday location, look no further! Mandurah welcomes all dogs (and humans), big and small. With plenty of stunning nature locations, places for walkies and spots to eat – it’s safe to say, you won’t be short on things to do with your pooch.

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