Mountain Biking & Cycling

Experience the landscape whilst pedalling your trusted two-wheeler the best cycling trails.

Mountain Biking & Cycling

Explore Mandurah’s best
cycling trails

If you love a good trail, Mandurah has plenty of them for you to enjoy. Tracks and trails provide an excellent way to take in the natural and man-made surroundings and are also a great way to keep fit and healthy while nurturing the body as well as the mind.

There are many cycling trails to choose from that vary in difficulty, but are sure to guide you through the most scenic places.

Hire an e-bike from The Bike Kiosk at the Mandurah Visitor Centre and tour Mandurah, within the city or along the coast on family-friendly cycling paths.

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Exploring Mandurah on an eBike.

Mandurah Cycle Trails

1. Bridge Loop Ride

Location: Mandurah. Distance: 10km

You get to see the beauty of Mandjar Bay from both sides with 10km ride. Start at the Mandurah Visitor Centre and use our trail notes to discover the rich history of Mandurah along the way.

Stop at Samphire Cove, Sutton’s Homestead, Hall’s Cottage and the 3d art installation when you return to the visitor centre.

Find more information on Trails WA or download the Bridge Loop Rise map.

2. Relaxed by Nature

Location: Mandurah Ocean Marina. Distance: 15km

Allow approximately an hour of riding time for this picturesque bicycle trail and more to stop and admire the views along the way.

See highlights of Mandurah including the popular Mandurah Ocean Marina, and stop for a selfie at The Frame or at the Blue Gatehouse with a 3d art Pelican. There’s even a giant Rock Lobster to say g’day to, look out for it on your peddle into the marina.

Find more information on Trails WA or download the Relaxed by Nature map.

3. Mandurah Sea Explorer

Halls-Head-Coastal-Trail-Visit Mandurah
Halls Head | Sea Explorer Cycling Trail

Location: Coastal Mandurah. Distance: 26 km

Part of the Mandurah Bike Explorer trails, start this bicycle route at the Mandurah Visitor Centre and head for the coast – an easy bike ride from Mandjar Bay.

Take in Doddis Beach and head south towards Falcon Bay and if the weather is right and the sun is shining, stop for a dip along the way too.

Find more information on Trails WA or download the Mandurah Sea Explorer map and pick a day to spend by Mandurah’s coastline.

Mountain Bike (MTB) Trails in the region

Get out there and away from it all by mountain bike* to find all sorts of adventures.

*Mountain biking is a potentially dangerous activity. It should only be undertaken with a full understanding of all the inherent risks. Please consider your skill level and experience before choosing a trail. As mountain biking can be dangerous it is advised that you download the Emergency+ App before your next ride.

  • Murray Valley Trails

    Location: Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup

    This 35-kilometre network of purpose-built single-track MTB trails offers you a stunning experience through Lane Poole Reserve. With a variety of trail types and styles, the Murray Valley mountain bike trails have something for everyone.

    Find more information here.

  • Turner Hill Trail

    Location: Shire of Murray | Distance: 11km | Duration: 1-2 hours | Difficulty: More Difficult

    Located between Pinjarra and Dwellingup, Turner Hill mountain bike trail is an intermediate trail with numerous steep sections and lots of harder obstacles. In addition to the 11 km main loop, there is a 5 km shortcut as well as Tiny Turner, a 1.1 km easy-rated (green level) loop.

    Find more information here.

  • Marrinup Cycle Trail

    Location: Marrinup | Distance: 8 km | Duration: 1-2 hours | Difficulty: Easy

    North West of Dwellingup lies the Marrinup State Forest which is near the old Marrinup townsite.

    Whether it’s the history, the beautiful flora and fauna, or the established biking trails you’re there for, this is an incredible spot in the Peel region to visit.

    Marrinup mountain bike trail is a fun, family-friendly, cross-country loop. The track passes through Jarrah forest and is mainly flat with a few gradual hills and suitable for all skill levels.

    Find more information here.

  • Langford Park Mountain Bike Trails

    Location: Jarrahdale | Distance: 5km, 6km and 9km circuits | Difficulty: Moderate

    Undulating mixture of pea gravel and hard packed soil fire roads and single track (predominantly single track). No torturous climbs nor supersonic descents. A purpose built XC circuit with some technical obstacles, switchbacks, some jumps and a see-saw! Find out more

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Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup

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